Reclaimed Banner Zipper Pouch, Rainbow Splash, Medium

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We give old banners and billboards a second life with our Banner Bag product line! Each tote bag is made from decommissioned vinyl signs that have been cut, cleaned and decoratively painted in our studio. These are our Rainbow Splash designs, each bag will look a little different, photo is just an example and product shipped will be unique.
This thicker vinyl material is perfect for a trip to the beach, carrying toiletries and makes a great gym bag. You can even throw in your wet clothes after a jump in the water!
Zipper Pouches are constructed with one layer of heavy-duty vinyl, interior of pouches will be the graphics of sign or banner used. Interiors will vary, photo is just an example.
Our medium pouches come in 2 styles: Flat ($24) or Boxed ($26)
Flat Measures: 9” x 6”
Boxed Measures: 9” top width, 4.5” height, 6” bottom width, 3” bottom depth.
Finished with a nylon zipper and carabiner attachment.
Additional Strap Optional:
Short Adjustable 23” - 39”, Hip to Shoulder Lengths ($7)
Long Adjustable 34” - 59”, Large Hip to Shoulder Lengths ($7)
Strap made from certified 100% recycled polypropylene and swivel clasp attachment. 5/8” width.
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