Carabiner Keychain Pouch

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Clip and Grip your valuables tight with this upcycled innertube keychain zipper pouch. The perfect size for carrying credit cards, cash, coins, earphones, etc. 

We gather “flats” from local bike shops and tire repair businesses before putting them through our process of cleaning and conditioning and eventual fabrication into new reusable items.

Old, flat and retired rubber innertubes are saved from the landfill and given many more miles of life through this system of upcycling.

Pouches measure approximately 5" across zipper length. Widths will be vary from 3.5-4"

Available with stamped design: Stars, Spirals, or Leafy. All patterns are hand-stamped and each individual keychain will vary from photos shown.

 All pouches include an aluminum carabiner.