Plastic-Fetti Credit Card Wallet

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From Waste to Wallet!
These credit card holders are handmade using reclaimed, post-consumer, filmed plastics collected from local businesses and residents. We process these plastics into a new material and make all of our products by hand in our Hilo, Hawaii production studio.  Each product made helps support landfill diversion in Hawaii.  We have already given over 1,000 pounds of plastic trash a new life! (That's over 100,000 shopping bags!)

See photos for color choices and read below for more information.  Each item will look a little different and be unique as a result of our techniques and process.

 Heat and pressure are applied to melt multiple layers of plastics together in a fusing process creating a thick and resilient base material suitable for long-term reuse.

Holder has 4 pockets, 1 in the middle, 2 on the front and 1 on the back.
Large Credit Card Holder Size: 4” wide x 2.75” length
Fits 4-6 credit cards comfortably.
Designs and textures vary due to differences in plastics used to create product.  Pictures are just examples of color schemes and actual product may look slightly different.  Each product is always unique!
See photos for color choices.
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