SHIPPING:  All products are shipped via USPS First Class Mail within the US;  Priority Mail International will be used for worldwide orders.  All orders include $50 insurance, additional insurance coverage can be purchased by the buyer.  Shipping will occur within 3 business days for items that are in stock.  Custom orders will ship within 1-2 weeks. Orders will ship once payment is received and a tracking number will be sent to the customer.  Upcycle Hawaii is NOT responsible for items that are damaged or lost in the mail.

RETURNS:  Returns are accepted if within 30 days of the original purchase and ONLY if item is returned with its original packaging.  All shipping for returns must be paid by the customer.  Please contact us directly if wanting to make a return or exchange.

WARRANTY:  ALL products come with a 1 year guarantee against any structural defects; crocheted aluminum pop-tab bag product line comes with a 3 year warranty.  See use & care instructions for more information and as parameters for warranty.

PRODUCT VARIATIONS:  The post-consumer materials that are used come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures.  When ordering more than one of the same item, you are more than likely to get a variation of textures, graphics, (and in some cases) shapes and sizes.  Please be specific with any preferences and desires in the notes section of your order or feel free to contact me directly with any questions!


  • Earrings & Jewelry: All earrings come finished with .925 fine sterling silver hypoallergenic findings.  Earrings are NOT meant to be worn in the water but are water resistant.  All earrings can be wiped clean with a cloth.  Reclaimed rubber earrings can be "conditioned" with a natural (non-petroleum) based oil, like coconut, if rubber seems to be drying or loosing its sheen.  Paper earrings will maintain their integrity best when stored in a low humidity area.
  • Reclaimed Rubber Bags: All bags comes "conditioned" with coconut oil to maintain their sheen and rubber integrity.  Bags should be kept out of direct sunlight whenever possible and not exposed to petroleum based products or heat.  A "drying" or dulling bag can be conditioned with a natural oil (coconut, vegetable).  Innertubes vary in size, brand and texture and those variations will be represented in the products.
  • Fused Plastic Bags: Easy to maintain, water-resistant fused plastic wipes clean... just keep away from heat and direct flame!  Due to the fusing process, some of the plastic appliqué may separate over time and some ink is likely wear.  Expect texture with each bag as different plastics react to the heating process differently.  In addition, low heat is used as to avoid harsh chemical by-products giving each bag a somewhat "bubbly" look.
  • Reclaimed Vinyl Bags: Just like fused plastic, easy to maintain, water-resistant and wipes clean. This is a more rigid material and can be prone to breakage if folded and unfolded along the same point too many times (easily fixed with a good duct tape, lol). The ink used to print on vinyl banners can wear off with repeated use.  Avoid contact to high heat or direct flame.
  • Crocheted Pop-Tab Bags: Made for an active lifestyle and built to last forever, all you really need to do is love yours!  Each bag is made with a UV and fray-resistant fishing net quality nylon and finished with a poly-cotton liner.  The liners are attached so that they can be turned inside out (to remove crumbs) and the bags can actually be submerged in water and scrubbed clean using a standard kitchen brush for those times when you spill yogurt on it.  Just hang to dry, re-attach your strap and be on your way!  Aviod high heat and direct flame.

PRIVACY:  We do not store and will never share your personal, contact or billing information with ANYONE but do reserve the right to use any photos shared with us including photos of custom orders.