It all started with some aluminum pop-tabs….

As a bartender I was exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of aluminum cans. I had always been attracted to their shape which inspired me to start to collect them. After a couple of years spent experimenting, I successfully figured out a way to crochet those pop-tabs together. I could not believe how beautiful and resilient the end results were.

IMG_8601 copy.jpg

A Product Line Developed…


One pop-tab product grew into another as my friends and family asked me to make more items. Each item wasn’t just beautiful, but also had the strength and longevity to meet my demanding lifestyle needs.

I knew I was on the something.

rubber, rope & plastic small.jpg

I Began Working With Other Reclaimed Materials…..

My Pop-Tab Products inspired me to play with plastics, rubber and other polymers. Once again, I was impressed by how I could transform these over-looked, under-appreciated and discarded materials.

Fused layers of sheet plastics were beautiful, unique and water-resistant.

Old rubber innertubes still had miles of life to give.

Marine debris ghost-nets and fishing-line could be uncoiled to reveal the beauty inside.


A “Trashionista” and new Brand Was Born…

After 5 year’s of “Upcycling” and experimenting, Upcycle Hawai'i was officially founded in January 2016. This was when the commitment was made to producing all products exclusively from reclaimed and repurposed materials.

I had no idea where my creative inspiration to repurpose aluminum pop-tabs would take me. My upcycling has change the way I look at the world and the resources around me in addition to changing the way I behave as a consumer.

Mahalo for your support and we hope you follow our journey as it has only just begun…

Me Ke Aloha,

Mattie Mae Larson, Founder & Owner