Mattie Mae Larson is a homegrown Big Island artist who draws her inspiration not only from Hawaii’s unique and diverse beauty, but also from its environmental challenges.  Embracing the 3 R‘s of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”; Mattie Mae creates unique, beautiful and - most important of all - functional designs from what would otherwise end up in our landfills.

Some call it trash, Mattie calls it opportunity.  “It’s impossible for me to look at almost anything on its way to the ‘rubbish bin’ without feeling that with a little time, effort and creativity it can be given a second chance.  I am constantly challenging myself to breathe new life into old and underappreciated materials and am still amazed at how things are able to be transformed in my hands.”

Mattie Mae is a self-taught artist who studied Global Environmental Sciences at the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus.  Combining her passions for arts, crafts and sustainability she has created “Upcycle Hawai`i” – a design company focused on utilizing reclaimed and post-consumer materials.  Showcasing her many talents, creativity and ever-evolving techniques Mattie Mae is continually bringing new, fun & one-of-a-kind products to life with Upcycle Hawai`i.

                          Malama ia'oe a me ka aina.